Total History & Evolution

F1 history

Total's history began in the 1920s, with the creation of Compagnie Française des Pétroles (CFP). At the time we produced oil in the Middle East. Over the years we expanded internationally and diversified into refining, petroleum product marketing, and chemicals. After nearly 100 years of growth and development, we are now a leading global energy company, on the cutting edge of innovation

Our production activities in the Middle East began in 1924. In 1929, we embarked on exploration work in other countries to discover and develop new resources. Our refining activities began the same year, with the creation of an affiliate, Compagnie Française de Raffinage (CFR).
We started building our chemicals business in the 1960s. At the same time our retail network continued to expand, growing into the global operation it is today.

Total is also committed to protecting the environment and helps communities tackle major social issues.
Created in 1992, our Foundation implements initiatives in the fields of public health, community support, environment and culture. It strives to build local capacity in those areas in all our host regions, while introducing development models that can be reproduced anywhere. It cultivates long-term partnerships with private and public stakeholders to achieve those goals. Today, the Total Foundation is France's largest corporate foundation. Together with Total’s corporate philanthropy projects, its programs represent close to €30 million each year.


Total in the UAE

Total UAE

Total Marketing Middle East is a fully owned subsidiary of Total Group. It established its offices in the United Arab Emirates in 1990 and is now a market leader in the manufacturing and marketing of the entire range of automotive and Industrial lubricants, greases, marine lubricants and specialty products.

Through its offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Total Marketing Qatar LLC based in Qatar; and a well established distributor network, the company markets the Total & Elf brand of lubricants in the Middle East and Central Asian regions especially UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Afghanistan and all Central Asian countries.
Total’s activities in the UAE have evolved over time to include upstream oil and gas, LNG, co-generation and solar power, fertilizers and lubricants. Today, Total is the only international oil company working with the majority of Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas Operating Companies and other Energy Companies Partners.


Total & F1

F1 Technology

The historic partnership between Total and Renault that has lasted over 40 years is a perfect example of what a partnership should be. This collaboration in F1 began in 1977 and has always been noted for innovation and on-going dialogue allied to rapid reaction with a single aim in mind – excellence at the pinnacle of motor sport. Together we have scored 21 world championship titles and 158 victories.

Our TOTAL engine oils have 3 main functions:

  • They contribute to power and energy saving
  • They protect the mechanical parts
  • They help to cool the engine

TOTAL & Solar

Shams: one of the world's largest concentrated solar power plants

For over 70 years, we have supported the United Arab Emirates in its effort to diversify its energy mix. Benefiting from an exceptionally high amount of sunshine across vast desert expanses, this solar power market has exceptional growth potential.

In 2010, local authorities selected the Group and our partner Abengoa, a leading provider of concentrated solar power solutions, to build and operate the largest concentrated solar power plant in the Middle East. In operation since March 2013, the Shams 100-MW power plant covers an area of 2.5 km2 and supplies over 20,000 homes.


This strategy is led by Masdar, a state-owned company dedicated to developing clean and renewable energies. Established in 2006, the initiative includes the construction of Shams, as well as the creation of a carbon-neutral city and a cluster for scientific excellence.

Elf, a brand of Total


ELF has been a winning brand for over 45 years. A significant lubricant player worldwide, it is well known thanks to its participation in motorsports competitions. ELF became a TOTAL brand in 2000.

Since 1967, ELF's goal has been to be recognized as the most competitive, innovative and successful brand of lubricant. Putting technological innovation, research and cutting-edge technology into high gear, ELF produces motor oils and lubricants fit for champions. ELF is a passionate participant in motorsports and is present at the world's biggest competitions, including the World Superbike, MotoGP, World Series by Renault, and World Endurance. The brand is trusted by leading international manufacturers and has long-lasting partnerships with RENAULT, DACIA, NISSAN and KAWASAKI.

ELF values: driving the brand

  • Expertise
  • Passion
  • Premium quality